Tryouts for those new to competitive swimming are every Tuesday at 5 pm (Pls. contact Melanie Andrews at: in order to schedule!  We have several ‘tryout criteria’ to determine group placement.  Our groups are outlined in the “Handbook“. 

Our base requirement is that of being able to make it across a 25yd distance with breath control, horizontal position in water, and composure.  Our team assigns training groups according to ability.  The usual age to start on a competitive swim team is 6 years old.

Please give us a ‘heads up’ if you wish to tryout for the team by contacting Melanie Andrews (

We highly encourage you to read our team’s Handbook to understand our philosophy as a team, especially our mission, our training philosophy, parental expectations and training fee structure.  Remember there are other competitive swim teams in the area if you feel our team’s philosophy is not conducive to what you believe your child’s needs are.

Once you have tried out and passed, you have the opportunity to try 1 practice.  After that 1 practice please fill out the necessary Team Registration Form and drop the 2 check requirement into the fees box located by the bulletin board and entrance-way.

Registration Form 2021 YEARLY


1. Registration Fee Check to “Lake Lytal Lightning” or “LLL”

2. Training Fee Check to “BOCC” or “Board of County Commissioners” Red $80 Bronze $85  DevSr $100  Pre. Dr. $105 Adv. Sr. $105  DevHS $80

3. Swim Suit Fee: Due before the first competition: TEAM SUITS MANDATORY BEGINNING IN 2016

Please Note: Some swimmers on the Lake Lytal Team have begun in other programs and sought a new team environment for a number of different reasons. If you are leaving a former team, please be communicative with your former team as to your intentions that you have left as we try to remain above board in all our professional coaching relationships in the area.