Lightning Halloween Intrasquad Meet

DevSr, PreSr, AdvSr Last Competition Prior to November End of Season Meet!

Sat. 10/31 WUp 6am Meet Start 630am Meet Finish 8:15am

Event #1 50 Fr or 50 Bk

Event #2 500 Free

Event #3 50 Fly or 50 Brst.

There will be a small entry fees to cover Meet Personnel & Sanctioning Fees for our 4 Intrasquad Meets :

March 26 $10*

Sept. 19 $10*

Sept. 26 $10*

Oct. 31 $10*

We are very fortunate to have Sanctioned opportunities of competition for the athletes.

*Most FGC Intrasquad Meets charging upwards of $35 per meet…thanks for your understanding

Pool Cashier NOW AVAILABLE Monday’s (1st-5th of Month)-Sat.

To help facilitate the convenience of paying your Board of County Commissioners fees by the 5th of the month, the cashier will now be available in addition to Tues-Sat. on Monday’s that fall between the 1st-5th.

Don’t want the hassle of paying each month? Sign up for AUTOPAY w/the cashier and feel free to terminate if your experience with Lake Lytal ends.d

Go Lightning!