2021 Park Vista Cobras Swimming & Diving

The Cobra Coaching Staff Will Post Important Information on this page for your information, goal setting, and getting the most out of your High School Swimming & Diving Season!

DateTeam EntriesTeams CompetingMeet ResultsTeam ScoresPV Seasonal PBT by NamePV Seasonal
F 8/19Meet ProgramTryout Assessments PV ONLYResultsNANA
F 8/27Meet ProgramPV, Boca, JIL, FHill, CNew, LWCHResultsScoresSeasonal Bests Name
incl. relay splits

Seasonal Depth Chart by Event Incl. Relay Splits
F 9/17 Meet Program PV, PBC, Dreyfoos, JIL, FHill, CNew, LWCH Results Scores
F 9/24 Meet Program PV, Sem. Ridge, JIL, FHill, CNew, LWCH Results Scores
M 9/27Meet ProgramPB County High School Champs Prelims
Meet Info
F 10/1 Meet Program PB County High School Champs FINALS
Diving: Wellington 7a WUp
Swimming Qualifiers
@ Lake Lytal
3pm WUp 430 Start
Meet Program PV, SUNC, JIL, FHill, CNew, LWCH ResultsScores
M 10/25Psych SheetClass 4A Region 3 District 9 Diving Champs
Wellington 7am WUp
T 10/26Meet Program Class 4A Region 3 District 9 Swimming Champs
Wellington TBA
F 11/5 Class 4A Region 3 Diving Champs
Time TBA
F 11/5Qualifiers from 3 Districts Class 4A Region 3 Swimming Champs
Time TBA
F 11/9 Qualifiers from 4 Regionals Class 4A State Swimming & Diving Champs
Times: Diving Begins 9am
Swimming: TBA

Cobras Prioritize your life Family-Academics-Swimming-Social Life!!  Budget your time wisely, get your REST away from your phone, and swim to your Character’s Potential for this 2021 Swim & Dive Season

Coach Gordon Andrews, Coach Sharon Moorhouse, Coach Melanie Andrews