2023 USA Swimming Registration Page

ATTENTION: Beginning for FY 2023 Team Members MUST register ONLINE:


See Below:

September 1, 2022

Lake Lytal Lightning Swimming Families,

There are changes coming to the billing and payment of the USA Swimming Yearly Registration Fees.

In the past, Lake Lytal Lightning Swimming has billed families in October for the registration fees for the next year.  These fees were paid by 12/31 for your child to swim the following year.

Beginning September 1, 2022, USA Swimming will now be doing all registrations online and you will be making payment online.  This new process is called Online Member Registration (OMR).   

The Online Registration Process is part of the new member database (SWIMS 3.0) that is being launched on 9/1/22.

The launch of SWIMS 3.0 will discontinue all current Deck Pass accounts.  All existing Deck Pass account holders will have to set up a new USA Swimming Account.

The registration process is 2 steps:

  1. CREATING AN ACCOUNT – to be done first (the sooner the better!)
  • ONLINE MEMBER REGISTRATION – to be done before 12/20/22 so we can confirm that all swimmers are registered before 2023.  You will also be able to create an account at this step.  However, we recommend that you create your account in September/October.  The steps to create an account are listed below.

*** We recommend you do this process on a laptop or home computer, not on your mobile device, as some of the information is hard to see on your phone.

STEP ONE:  CREATING AN ACCOUNT – a one-time process

ALL teams, coaches, swimmers, officials, and parents will have to set up a NEW account with USA Swimming beginning 9/1/22.  This process will NOT renew your registration for 2023.  You will use the link sent from Lake Lytal Lightning Swimming to renew your registration (see step 2).

Below is a link to a page that has helpful tutorials on how to set up your account: 


Parents – ALL parents will have to set up a NEW account with USA Swimming once completed, use this link to take you to the Lake Lytal Lightning Team Page child registration:


  • IF you are having issues in receiving your Member ID, please contact Coach Team Administrator Melanie Andrews at lightningswimming@gmail.com and we will be able to assist you.
  • Please also read the Frequently Asked Questions on that page for additional information.

***The link to login to create your new account is:  http://hub.usaswimming.org/landing

Once you create your account, you will be able to add swimmers to your family.



Please watch the 4 minute tutorial ‘Online Member Registration Preview’ on https://www.usaswimming.org/about-usas/resources/online-member-registration –  the page with the other tutorials.

Once the registration process opens, Lake Lytal Lightning Swimming will send you a link unique to our team, for you to register either yourself (if you are an official), or your swimmer(s). 

Remember:  You must complete Step 1 – creating your new account before you are able to register online.

RETURNERS: If you joined Lake Lytal Lightning Swimming before 9/1/22, your child will register as ‘I am an existing member’, since all swimmers have already been registered through 12/31/22.

NEW MEMBERS: If you joined Lake Lytal Lightning Swimming after 9/1/22, your child will register as ‘I am a new member’.

Types of Membership

Premium Athlete – this is the membership we recommend for ALL swimmers joining Lake Lytal Lightning Swimming.  It allows the swimmer to compete in all meets and take place in all supervised practices.

Coach – only for those on Lake Lytal Lightning Swimming Staff

Apprentice Official – this is a 60-day free membership.   During this time, the apprentice official takes the clinic/training, the test, and apprenticeship.  After certification is complete, you will register for membership as an official. 

Official – for Lake Lytal Lightning Swimming parents who are certified as an Official in the FGC.  This membership is done AFTER all the requirements to become an Official are completed.  The Lake Lytal Lightning Swim Team will reimburse you for this membership. 

At the end of the first registration that you create, you will see the option ‘Add Another Member’ before you check out.  You will receive a confirmation email of the registrations that you have submitted.